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At the 2016 Aspen Ideas Festival about investment and impact measurement, Sasha Dichter, Chief Innovation Officer for Acumen, said “[organizations] are hard-wired to reach large numbers of people… but we need more than just big numbers to tell us if we are actually changing people’s lives. We need to know if we are making a real difference by doing more than report big, flashy numbers”.

About the same time Dichter spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival, TPA was tapped to design and test an approach for community action agencies in Washington, Idaho, and Oregon to help them move away from counting people as a means of measuring impact. This multi-state collaboration, called Futures, was formed to tell a single story about how community action agencies transform lives, yet they didn’t have a way to move beyond “flashy” number reporting. Today, with the help of TPA’s design team, community action staff, from frontline to CEO, are learning new ways of engaging in agency-wide dialogue to understand whether their programs are truly transforming lives. So far, results show staff are energized by the approach we designed and are taking on the hard work of changing how their organization serves families.

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Diana Dollar
Executive Director



In collaboration with four nonprofits in WA and OR, we developed the Coaching Accelerator program to design and test several tools that measure, fund, and maintain a coaching culture. This month, we published our first tool “Hiring Coaching Inclined People“. More tools will be released in the coming months.

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Family-Centered Employment



On March 23, TPA joined Innovate + Educate’s Family-Centered Employment Community of Practice at NAWB Forum 2019 to present Family-Centered Coaching to innovate workforce boards and practitioners from around the country.

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Hiring Coaching-Inclined People

Watch our latest webinar hosted by our Innovation Lab Director, Alicia Atkinson. Learn about how your organization can attract team members that embrace curiosity and client-driven goals.

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