GiveBIG 2019

GiveBIG to The Prosperity Agenda 2019


On May 8, 2019, The Prosperity Agenda is participating in Seattle’s annual GiveBIG event.

Dedicated to reforming the status quo in order to end persistent poverty, The Prosperity Agenda partners with non-profits and government agencies to change the mental models that are harmful to the financial wellness and career readiness of families. To learn more about our mission, read our full manifesto here.

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The Background: Seattle Foundation launched GiveBIG in 2011 with the goal of helping nonprofits develop effective social media and online fundraising capabilities. The online day of giving has become a signature philanthropic event for the region, energizing and unifying donors around a diverse group of causes that make Greater Seattle a stronger, more vibrant community for all. GiveBIG has raised more than $113 million since its inception, supporting more than 2,000 nonprofits. Seattle Foundation presented GiveBIG annually with the support of philanthropic, corporate, and media partners.

Having incubated and grown GiveBIG into one of the nation’s largest giving days, Seattle Foundation pursued development of a succession plan with the Giving Day Nonprofit Coalition, comprised of more than 100 nonprofit leaders. With the goal to transition GiveBIG to a community-based nonprofit, the Coalition has worked for more than eight months to create a viable business plan to continue and grow GiveBIG. This dedication has resulted in a detailed plan for 501 Commons and Encore Media Group to work together to produce GiveBIG in 2019.

About the Giving Day Nonprofit Coalition: Following Seattle Foundation’s decision to discontinue GiveBIG, over 100 professionals from local nonprofits came together to secure a future for the vital day of giving, forming the Giving Day Nonprofit Coalition. These nonprofit leaders joined committees to think through structure, fundraising, branding and the giving platform, working collaboratively for eight months pursuing a future for GiveBIG and identifying the appropriate partners. The Coalition formed a Nonprofit Advisory Committee that is working with 501 Commons and Encore Media on the 2019 campaign.

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Diana Dollar is The Prosperity Agenda's Executive Director.

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