Financial Coaching Accelerator

Driving change alone is hard. Adopting a coaching culture, embedding coaching principles, and strengthening financial coaching practices in an organization is no exception to this rule. The Financial Coaching Accelerator facilitates an environment for individuals from different organizations to discuss challenges, explore what’s possible, and collaborate to co-author solutions that move us all forward.

Overcoming organizational challenges and moving past barriers enables us to be more effective, create a larger impact, and facilitate long-term positive outcomes for the families we serve.

How it works

We convene every other month for 90 minutes, focused on answering a question together.

What to expect

We build on what works. You are the expert. We will simply provide a space for reflection and resources to accelerate what is already working well. We will provide coaching resources and solutions that measure it, fund it, and maintain coaching in your organization.

  • Opportunity to co-author a measurement instrument to capture coaching outcomes and maturity of coaching practices across your organization, so that you can focus on improving the experience of your community members.
  • We know coaching works. The Accelerator will provide resources and support to share more evidence for the coaching approach.
  • Build new strategies and gain new tools to secure funding that supports coaching programs.
    Learn how other organizations overcome challenges in building a coaching culture.

What we expect

  • Two representatives from your organization will participate every other month in a 90-minute discussion.
  • Engagement, not just participation.
  • Share all insights and all constraints to make the solutions better.
  • Measure progress to transform ideas into something concrete that we can share beyond this group.

We’re an action-oriented, small group of change-makers.
To apply to join the Financial Coaching Accelerator, send us an email.