Coaching Accelerator Convenings

We meet every other month for 90 minutes and focus on one question to co-create real solutions to real challenges. Facilitators will provide draft tools as a starting point to iterate, refine, and test but it’s up to you to build something impactful. As a group, we are committed to measuring progress and driving organizational change together.

Convening 1: Launch and define

Convening 2: How do we measure the strength of coaching relationships?

Convening 3: How do we measure coaching cultures?

Convening 4: How do we fund coaching-based programs, initiatives, and projects?

Convening 5: How do we use coaching to develop programs that the community really needs?

Convening 6: How do we integrate coaching principles for the intake process?

Convening 7: How do we create job descriptions that increase hiring for coaching-inclined candidates?

Convening 8: Taking suggestions now – send us an email with what’s on your mind!