Coaching Accelerator: Convening 3 – How do we measure coaching cultures?


[5 minutes] Facilitators present community guidelines and introduce convening theme – How do we measure coaching cultures and programs?

[10 minutes] Warm up: share a coaching bright spot or obstacle in your organization

[5 minutes] Facilitators introduce draft measurement framework and coaching maturity index measurement instrument

[45 minutes] Hands-on group work: review, discuss, and iterate on the proposed artifacts for the community. Ask questions like What’s missing? What could be better? What language or question could change? How could we use this measurement framework in our own organizations? How frequently might we use this? How would we use and share data from this?

[10 minutes] Facilitators summarize what they’ve heard and share next steps to refine the artifacts

[10 minutes] Group reflection and retrospective: what worked well and what could we do better next time?

[5 minutes] Wrap up and preview for next convening