empACT: Employment as a Practice Tools


Training alone isn’t enough. Use this curated list of free tools to drive lasting impact across your organization.

  • First Day Kit – You only get one chance at a first impression. Give your employees every advantage for a successful first day, which leads to long term success.
  • Expectations Agreement Template – Highlight the key commitments you make to employees and the commitments you ask of them to make sure expectations are clear and value is communicated.
  • Management Guide to Coaching Conversations – Follow this simple framework from Google’s “Coach Managers to Coach” guide. Use these tips and tools to guide your coaching conversations to encourage your team’s continuous personal and professional growth.
  • Management Guide to Career Conversations – Use this simple structure and template worksheet from Google’s “Care professionally and personally for your team” guide. to encourage healthy, coaching-based conversations that focus on each person’s unique strengths and goals
  • Employee Development Timeline Template – Beyond onboarding, ensure your employees get the right support at the right time during their first year with you. Use these templates to fit your unique environment.