empACT Training

12 modules, 90 minutes each

Modular, on-demand courses just for your company. 12 flexible modules that increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social awareness, communication, and accountability. Use them in any order at any time. Not sure what the right approach is for your organization? No problem, we can help build the right plan just for you.


1. Working with a Growth Mindset – Discover how a growth mindset can build career success. Find out how to recognize when you are operating in a closed mindset or a fixed mindset and learn practical tricks to grow your growth mindset

2. From Critical to Constructive – Learn strategies to detect and quiet the automatic commentary. Leave behind the negative self-talk that doesn’t serve you and learn how to take control of your narrative.

3. Listening with Intention– Learn how active, intentional listening builds empathy and clarity and reduces conflict. Create awareness for the ways in which we communicate and learn how to make sure your intention matches what the other person hears.

4. Reacting with Awareness– Discover how our natural reactions to situations form and how you can respond to those reactions to create a sense of choice and move forward with intention.


5. Building Promotable Skills – Learn pragmatic tips, tricks, and habits that build professional strength and improve career potential.

6. Teamwork for Better Results – Understand the role teamwork plays in the success of any business or job and learn how to be the best team player you can be.

7. Turning Challenges into Advantages – Learn how to speak about your past in an empowering way that serves yourself and others. Practice letting go of negative, fictional self-talk and practice factual, positive storytelling.

8. “Yes, And” for Teams – Learn the importance of collaboration to solve tough problems. Practice how to respond to teammates in a way that builds progress for the whole team.


9. My Career by Design – Identify the key values that guide your actions and set inspiring goals based on those values for the future life you want.

10. Moving Past Setbacks – Learn how failures and setbacks are common for successful people and businesses. Practice simple techniques for getting back on track when you face new challenges and obstacles.

11. Balancing Work and Life – Discover the areas of your life where your care and attention are key to your ongoing success. Gain practical tools for reaching your fullest potential while being true to who you are.

12. The Power of Community – Learn the importance of community and how the people we surround ourselves with often shape our lives. Learn techniques for establishing healthy boundaries and gaining the benefits of positive communities.

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