TPA’s Financial Wellness Coaching training helps your staff learn to partner with the people they serve in a way that supports their path to financial security. Anchored in trust, accountability, and goal-setting rather than traditional financial literacy training, the participant-driven Financial Wellness Coaching method provides the guidance, support, and ongoing encouragement to help people define, set, and reach financial goals.

Today, over 200 agencies across the U.S. and Canada have completed our Financial Wellness Coaching training.

Alongside a toolkit and staff manual, our 3-day Financial Wellness Coaching training program equips staff with the tools and knowledge to integrate coaching into existing case management interactions. Our senior coaching trainers also provide technical assistance (by phone or web conference) to help staff use coaching tools and techniques.

Mindset: Participants are the experts of their own lives

Financial Wellness Coaching views participants as experts in their own lives. They are driven by personal values and motivations, but undeniably capable of setting and achieving goals. Using powerful questions, reflective listening, and other core skills, Financial Wellness Coaching facilitates discussion that ultimately leads to action, by stimulating thinking and helping change how people see themselves.

Approach: Understanding and measuring change

We help staff understand the process of change in order to support lasting financial progress. This includes how to help people reach for new ideas and new possibilities, how to understand where people are in the change process, and how to coach people without getting frustrated. This Includes training on the Financial Well-Being Scale (CFPB) and the Capability Scale (University of Wisconsin-Madison).

Training: Experiential training to internalize new skills

Over the course of three days, our senior coaching trainers will bring financial coaching to life through interactive role-playing, discussions, and live feedback, applying new meaning to your staff’s prior experiences. Through this transformative experience, your staff will internalize financial coaching strategies and bring new skills into practice that will help them serve their participants more effectively.


Starting $9,375*

– Three-day course with senior coaching trainer
– Print toolkit and other training materials provided
– Pre-training assessment and webinar
– Post-training technical assistance

*The base price for each coaching modules includes up to 15 participants, (added cost for additional trainer to accommodate additional participants). The partner provides the venue and materials are also provided in electronic format (PDF.) Travel is not included, and is dependent on training location.

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