Amber Wilson

Coaching Trainer & Consultant


Amber fell in love with community facing programming when she was only a teenager, paving her path to an over 15 year journey in the nonprofit realm. Inspired through her role as a peer leader with an after-school program led by the Alameda Point Collaborative, she quickly developed a deep passion for service-based work. This interest expanded through her college experience at Dillard University where she discovered the Children’s Defense Fund Freedom Schools program. Her involvement with the program led her to get her Master of Public Administration degree from The University of New Orleans with a focus in nonprofit leadership.

She worked with several organizations in New York managing community based programs assisting residents with their healthcare access and coverage related issues, leading department wide culture improvement, training as well as retention efforts. Her advocacy, change management, management roles, training, and team building/connecting experience motivated her to transition from nonprofit manager to consultant; supporting nonprofit and social service organizations in optimizing personal and organizational success through compassionate, authentic, and transformative coaching.

As a Sagittarius, Amber is literally the cheerleader of the zodiac and plays the role well. People are her passion! More specifically, helping people problem solve, unlock the power within them, reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. A true Sagittarian through and through. As a coach she’s not only their cheerleader but also a challenger and compassionate companion. She will always stand firm in pushing her loved ones, team members, clients, even strangers towards the path of living their most inspired, joyful and fulfilled lives as well as broadening their horizons. She is dedicated to supporting women of color in claiming and reclaiming their power, falling in love with themselves, discovering their worth, unique gifts and creating the lives they desire.

She describes herself as a queer, self-love, glitter, lipstick, sunglasses and hoop earring enthusiast. Karaoke is always her go to, whether it’s out at a bar or in her living room with her pomeranian puppy, Marley Magic. She is a native of Oakland, California, survived and thrived in New York City for nearly 8 years, and currently resides in New Orleans, Louisiana.