Senior Coaching Trainer

Devin Stubblefield

Senior Coaching Trainer


Devin Stubblefield is a Lead Trainer managing and developing a suite of financial coaching trainings offered through our Coaching College. Devin also keeps his ear to the ground by being our lead trainer.  He knows agency environments continuously change, and new tools in the financial empowerment world are fast developing, so he works hard to keep what we do relevant to practitioners.    

For the past 29 years, Devin’s been a leader in every aspect.  He’s served as Vice President of Community Development Initiatives for Bank of America. Developed his own nonprofit, Faith Finance Center.  Consulted with myriad organizations like The Washington State Association of Head Start, Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, HomeSight, NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center, and, The City of Seattle.  And, to keep him grounded in all that’s financial, he’s a trained financial planner having completed the American Express Financial Advisor College in Chaska Minnesota.

To know Devin is to know that his passion in life lies in his ability to combine his financial work experience with his spiritual beliefs and deep commitment to inspire others.