Diana Dollar

Executive Director


Driven by a deep, life-long commitment to fairness and justice, Diana came into her role as the founding Executive Director of The Prosperity Agenda dedicated to transforming big, complex systems in order to drive meaningful, sustainable change. “In large systems, it’s easy to inadvertently optimize for cost, number of people served, simplicity, or throughput, but not to focus on what really matters: the experience of the individuals and families who are impacted by poverty and have no reasonable way out.” With more than 20 years of experience working in human, workforce, and economic development systems, Diana found the experience of individuals and families needed to be viewed through a different lens, asking tougher questions, such as “how can we do better for the many who are stuck?”

Diana studied Political Science at San Jose State University and earned her Masters in Public Administration from University of Washington where she immersed herself in policy, education, social welfare, and a search for the systemic drivers of economic and social inequality. Before building The Prosperity Agenda, Diana launched the first summer hunger campaign for two counties in the Bay Area and engaged business, environmental advocates, government, and community members to agree upon sound development practices in Snohomish County.

Want to learn more about The Prosperity Agenda and how poverty is affecting you (trust us, it is)? Diana’s happy to chat with just about anyone – if you’re lucky, over a glass of her and her husband’s award winning Washington wine.