Headshot of Erick Salvatierra

Erick Salvatierra

Product Manager


Erick comes to The Prosperity Agenda with a mission to contribute lasting impact to communities across the United States that powers trust, resilience, and dignity. As Product Manager, Erick is responsible for identifying, expanding, and influencing the market for our products, services, and insights.

He earned a dual degree Bachelor’s of Science and Arts in International Business from the University of Missouri and a dual Master’s in Business and Public Administration in Sustainable Finance and Multi-Sector Partnerships from Presidio Graduate School. Erick spent his early career supporting physicians–throughout a variety of disciplines–in their effort to improve wellbeing and livelihoods. Over the last two years, Erick transitioned his personal efforts to addressing economic security, health equity, and environmental injustices, with the goal of reshaping capital economic activities towards inclusive, immediate, and impactful outcomes.

Erick currently resides in Seattle, by way of Sacramento, San Francisco, and Chicago. In his spare time, Erick can be found cycling and hiking throughout Washington’s mountains.