Peter Moon

Strategic Design Consultant


Peter is a self-confessed “gadget guy,” but it’s always been people that really fascinated him. He worked at Microsoft for 13 years and started writing software over 30 years ago, which is a long time to hold someone’s attention who cares a lot more about people than technology.

Peter first became inspired by technology due to the promise it held to improve people’s lives. So, while most technologists might shy away from cultural, organizational, and human factors, this is home territory for Peter. Helping to run an innovation lab committed to solving sophisticated, nuanced challenges that haven’t been addressed for families experiencing poverty is the kind of rewarding challenge that attracts his full creative attention.

Born with an out-sized sense of curiosity, Peter brings an eclectic background to whatever he turns his attention to. He’s been a cabinet maker, built harpsichord keyboards on the coast of Maine, led bike tours from the summit of a 10,000 foot Hawaiian volcano 38 miles down to sea level while riding backwards to keep an eye on his guests, and ran a surf-wear manufacturing shop.

That diversity of experience and training has led him to conclude that the more he learns, the more he realizes how much remains unknown. And that’s a great place to be for someone who thrives on invention and discovery. In his idle time, you can find Peter riding his motorcycle in circles as fast as he can at the race track, juggling, building model ships, collecting whiskey, in the studio taking photographs, or trimming bonsai trees.