Rachel Brooks

Innovation Marketplace Director


Rachel has 20 years of experience working in non-profit, technology, and social enterprise—both in the US and Africa. She began her work a Technical Writer and Editor at Adobe Systems and LizardTech, developing marketing, technical, and instructional content, and continued as Producer for web-based services and marketing at MSN. Rachel spent six years in Southern and Eastern Africa, working in diverse environments and across sectors—specifically technology, public health, education, agriculture, and microfinance. In South Africa, she was a consultant for the Director of Treatment Literacy at the pioneering HIV advocacy organization, the Treatment Action Campaign.

As TPA’s Program Director, Rachel brings with her experience in both building strong networks and partnerships leading multi-partner initiatives (with investors, NGOs, startups, SMEs, government bodies, and internal staff), and growing and retaining a base of high-performance clients. She has extensive experience writing a wide variety of materials (technical, proposals, research, marketing, and curriculum), as well as communications strategy, web production, and editorial management.