Testing Money Mindset Cards

Financial Capability Integration Project

The  Financial Capability Integration Project was born to fill a need: to build financial wellness into Farestart’s groundbreaking food-service apprentice program. They felt that adding financial capability training to the curriculum would help their graduates more effectively create sustaining careers in the industry. With few resources and a staff that aren’t financial literacy experts, they needed a way to engage program participants beyond the initial program, to entice them to build their skills over a period of years.

The Prosperity Agenda’s Money Mindset Cards were designed in 2018 with the input of a variety of organizations and their participants, including FareStart. They are a group facilitation tool to help people talk about money in a way that taps into their own experience and wisdom as well as that of the group. Designed to be facilitated by someone with no financial literacy training, they help users explore and practice their own motivations and beliefs about money, saving, goals, and finances, so that when financial stresses hit they have the self-knowledge to make the right choices for themselves and their families.