“I don’t feel like I’m at a job anymore--I feel like I’m in a career”

Increasing Employment Engagement & Equity Project (EmpACT)

How do you increase engagement, reduce attrition, and help entry-level employees develop critical professional skills? Perhaps even more importantly, how do you make frontline employees feel valuable rather than expendable?

To answer, TPA designed and tested EmPACT: Employment as a Practice. EmPACT is a training framework that include two approaches. The first is a 12 week classroom-based curriculum that focuses on developing professional skills that go beyond traditional job readiness activities. Instead, the classroom-based curriculum focuses on foundational skills and competencies necessary to improve career retention and advancement. The second approach includes tools that provide a way for managers to to drive lasting impact across an organization. These include management guides, an employee development timeline template, a first day kit, and more.

Although designed for frontline employees, our partners have found that running managers through the program builds awareness and helps supervisors treat staff with more empathy and respect.  

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