Case Study

Financial Capability Integration Project

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Coaching Integration Project

For a financial coaching program to be successful, a coaching culture has to be integrated throughout the organization--from program design, to how people are managed, how fundraising is approached, and how impact is measured. But how do you build that coaching-led organization?

Increasing Employment Engagement & Equity Project (EmpACT)

How do you increase engagement, reduce attrition, and help entry-level employees develop critical professional skills? Perhaps even more importantly, how do you make frontline employees feel valuable rather than expendable? Our answer, EmPACT: Employment as a Practice, is a training framework, designed for the Downtown Seattle Association, with the support of the Kellogg Foundation and […]

Financial Health for Diverse Communities

The full integration of immigrants and refugees requires inclusion in our financial system. But how do you achieve this across cultural, language, and background divides? Our approach is to design, test, and implement two complementary interventions.

Savings Initiative Project

Traditional financial literacy assumes the ultimate goal is money in the bank. The reality is that there are many savings behaviors that are precursors to, or replace, traditional savings. Programs that focus on traditional financial models miss the opportunity to foster these nontraditional savings behaviors and ignite financial resilience.