Research & Findings

Career & Life Coaching (CLC) Report

The Career & Life Coaching (CLC) Report highlights the impact of the Career Readiness Project pilot program and its outcomes.

Career Readiness & Soft Skills

This program provides TANF parents with additional education and skills to secure career-focused jobs.

The Savings Initiative

This wealth-building research explores solutions and to develop future community partnerships and opportunities that enhance and expand savings initiatives for low-income families.

Financial Capability Integration Project

The Financial Capability Integration Project blends financial capability services with employment and career training programs in South King County, Washington.

Financial Coaching: Describing The Practice

This brief examines financial coaching as an empowering strategy that answers four related questions about the practice of financial coaching as a strategy to change individuals’ behaviors in order to achieve financial security.

Asset-Building Field In Washington State

The Prosperity Agenda commissioned a mixed-methods study to explore and describe the state of asset-building in Washington State in September 2009.

Financial Coaching Field Inventory & Brief

This brief provides an inventory of the various types of financial coaching training programs available across the country, and in doing so differentiates the various modes used to deliver the training.

Income gaps are only part of the story when it comes to economic inequalities in America. Wealth inequality is even greater. And lack of wealth creates its own set of long-lasting harms, often handicapping economic mobility and leaving families exposed to financial risks. Policies aimed at helping low-wealth families save for emergencies, a child’s education, a home, and a secure retirement can improve families’ financial stability and provide a toehold into the middle class.

Urban Institute, 2015