Design for a Just Economy

We design pathways to economic and racial justice rooted in the wisdom, experience, and expertise of families enduring economic inequality. We work with families and staff to imagine, test, and realize programs where people thrive. Together, we illuminate the relationships, mindsets, and practices that shift whole systems.

The Innovation Lab

listen, evolve & design

The Innovation Lab partners with families first, then brings in nonprofits, financial institutions, and government agencies to increase the financial wellness and career readiness of those they serve. Traditional ideas about what people “need” to achieve financial stability can do more harm than good. We instead use a human-centered design approach because we believe in the resourcefulness of all.

The Innovation Marketplace

tools to spread change

Our Innovation Marketplace offers coaching training and tools to help the poverty alleviation community more effectively coach their clients towards economic security.  Our tested, results-oriented products and training modules are developed using human-centered design and principles of trauma-informed care and behavioral economics to help agencies become better partners to the people they serve.

Our Project Stories

If we approach our solutions to poverty with the mindset that ‘poor people’ are incapable of making the ‘right’ decisions for themselves and others, then we miss the opportunity to achieve greater impact.

TPA Manifesto

TPA Voices Podcast

To create an enduring difference in the lives of those experiencing persistent poverty, we must challenge the dominant narratives that get in the way of effective solutions. Through insightful discussions, expert interviews, and shared research in the field, TPA’s podcast explores ways to change our mindsets and build better programs for families living in poverty.

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