Coaching Strategies

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Family-Centered Coaching

A set of strategies, tools, and resources that help human service organizations reinvent how they engage with, and help, families that are experiencing poverty.


Money Mindset Cards

A set of 30 unique cards to help you start strength-based conversations that develop financial confidence and build financial control.

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Money Powerup Packs

A set of eight kits that include everything you need to launch easy, engaging events for parents to share ideas for saving and talking to kids about money.

EmpACT (Employment as a Practice)

empACT is an employee development program that builds on the successful relationships and quick decision-making skills of frontline staff. There are no employee handbooks or trainings that can outline every scenario frontline staff might face. Therefore, ongoing spaces for staff to share, process, and reflect on their experiences are essential. empACT combines these practices with targeted communication and teamwork skill building to create pathways for career advancement.

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