Our Design Process


For organizations committed to racial and economic justice who want to deepen their impact, we offer design and evaluation services to make your meaningful work more sustainable, scalable, and designed for systems change.

We meet you where you are to make progress.

From problem
to early concept
From early concept
to pilot program
From existing program
to strategic implementation
From successful implementation
to scale and replication

Launch and grow community-based solutions that center the experiences of those most impacted to amplify what is working well and reduce unintended issues.

Measure and document the impact of your programs based on community insight and apply the best evaluation methods for your stage of development.

Demonstrate how your programs connect to systemic issues through a measurable theory of change.

Improve the efficacy of your programs by applying human-centered design practices and creative problem-solving.

Increase data-driven, strategic decision-making and direct resources to programs that drive transformative change.


Our community-centered design process starts with you. With community-based agencies and strategic funders, we partner to make progress. Contact us and we'll be in touch within one working day.

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"I was told lots of different people would be here. I was a little intimidated and did not feel like my opinion would count as much as the opinion of people with more experience. Since I’ve been on here, I see that my opinions count and are totally respected."

Community Member and Design Team Participant

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