How We Partner

At The Prosperity Agenda, we don’t see partnership as a list of activities to complete. We live into partnership with these principles and practices:

We center the experience of people enduring poverty

People experiencing poverty have immense insight about how current systems and programs work and how they can get better. Rather than focus on individual behavior change (which often blames and burdens families), we create space for community members to reflect and guide and test how systems should change.

We help our partners make progress on their ideas and impact.

We deeply appreciate the ways community-based organizations—in government, non-profit, and business—create exceptional experiences and deep relationships within their communities. When we partner, we start by listening and learning to understand your work and the impact you are already creating. From there we work together to build on your successes. We make space to be reflective, creative, and imperfect. We facilitate engaging learning experiences and create tangible tools that advance your work with strategic insight.

We make solutions you can use and that work for you.

We design and support solutions that are actionable, relevant, and meaningful to partners and their communities. They work because they are rooted in family insights and evaluated based on the relevance and impact on people's lives. We start small and learn quickly. We validate along the way to make sure we are building the most impactful and feasible product, service, or experience. 

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