The Prosperity Agenda is a design firm that helps nonprofits, businesses, financial institutions, and government agencies advance economic and racial justice. We help organizations stop managing poverty and start increasing prosperity by putting families first.

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Our Mission

We design pathways to economic and racial justice rooted in the wisdom, experience, and expertise of families enduring economic inequity. We work with families and staff to imagine, test, and realize programs where people thrive. Together, we illuminate the relationships, mindsets, and practices that shift whole systems.

Our Vision


We envision a world where everyone has the resources, opportunity, and freedom to live long, healthy lives. Where everyone has the financial, physical, social and emotional resources they need, not just to survive, but to thrive and flourish into old age.


We envision a world where wealth is not myopically limited to financial assets, job titles, and credit scores, but includes rich social connections, power to direct one’s future, and jobs that contribute to community wellbeing.


We acknowledge and are committed to changing  the economic systems of oppression that are at the heart of racial injustices. We seek abundance and move away from solutions and systems that promote artificial scarcity and competition.

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