Coaching Up Close: Hiring Coaching-Inclined People

March Coaching Up Close:

Hiring Coaching-Inclined People

In this month’s mini-webinar, we discuss how hiring coaching-inclined people allows your organization to sustain how staff adopt and operationalize coaching relationships and culture. By using language in your hiring process that emphasizes the importance of listening, understanding the complexity of people’s lives, and building on strengths, you are more likely to attract people across your organization that embrace curiosity and drive financial wellness coaching for families.

Building and strengthening a coaching culture requires coaching practices and principles that are integrated throughout the organization. This ranges from program design, people management, fundraising, to evaluating and measuring impact. We developed the Coaching Accelerator program to design and test several tools that measure, fund, and maintain a coaching culture.

Click here to view and download the full Coaching Accelerator tool discussed!

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Dedicated to reforming the status quo in order to end persistent poverty, The Prosperity Agenda partners with non-profits and government agencies to reset the mental models that are harmful to the financial wellness and career readiness of families.

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