Carilú Torres

Engagement Coordinator

Carilú Torres is a passionate and dynamic professional with over a decade of experience dedicated to Life Coaching, empowering women towards independence, self-sufficiency, and prosperity. Her commitment extends beyond the conventional, aiming to make a significant impact on individuals and organizations through innovative life strategies and tailored programs. Her focus on life coaching highlights her passion for facilitating personal and professional development, making a difference in the community and business sector. Notably skilled in business administration, marketing, online business structuring, social strategy, and health and wellness. Before joining The Prosperity Agenda, Carilú excelled as a marketing strategy and operations supervisor, handling everything from planning to execution. Her journey is enriched with her role as an entrepreneur and life coach, where she has leveraged her expertise to provide personalized and effective solutions not just in business, but also in personal and emotional development. This holistic approach has enabled her to successfully guide others in their entrepreneurial endeavors, promoting a balance between personal well-being and professional success.

At The Prosperity Agenda, Carilú merges her business management experience with her passion for social impact, aligning her efforts with the organization's goals to promote community well-being and economic progress. Her dedication to creating sustainable and innovative solutions reflects her commitment to social transformation, establishing Carilú as a key figure in the pursuit of positive and lasting change.

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