empACT: Employment as a Practice

A roadmap to a more engaged and valued workforce with tools, curriculum, and principles.

Engaged employees reduce attrition and increase performance*

Every year companies lose millions of dollars due to attrition and performance issues that could have been prevented for free.

1) Attrition is expensive
It costs:

  • $3,328 dollars to replace a $10/hour retail employee.
  • $8,000 to replace a $40k salaried manager.
  • $213,000 to replace a $100k salaried senior leader.

2) An engaged workforce means a high-performing company.

Companies with the highest employee engagement outperform their competitors 2.5 to 1 on an EPS (Earnings Per Share) basis. Focusing on improving Employee Engagement isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s also the profitable thing to do.

Spend less, get more, be better together.

Easy to get started. Easy to keep going.

Modular, on-demand courses just for your company. 12 flexible modules that increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, social awareness, communication, and accountability.

Training alone isn’t enough. Use these free tools to drive lasting impact across your organization. Management guides, employee development timeline template, first-day kit, and more.

EmpACT improves modern metrics for modern companies

Employee Engagement

When everyone practices active listening and intentional speaking, they communicate more effectively. When employees across all levels feel heard and understood, employee engagement improves. Create an environment where people can bring their best selves to work every day.

Employee Performance

Increasing maturity of soft skills reduces the number of work conflicts, which increases overall performance. Clarify expectations, practice a growth mindset, and surface issues earlier so they can be resolved before they become a big problem.

Employee Attrition

More often employees quit their managers than they do their jobs. By focusing on improving communication, self-awareness, social awareness, and emotional intelligence across the board, you create an organization that grows together.

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