Developed with the support of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Family-Centered Coaching is a set of strategies, tools, and resources that help human service organizations reinvent how they engage with, and help, families that are experiencing poverty. Rooted in an understanding of the institutional forces that prevent families from moving forward, Family-Centered Coaching equips staff with the mindset, tools, and skills to work with families holistically towards financial wellness.

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Alongside an open-source toolkit, we work with organizations to steward change across leadership, supervisors, and staff working directly with families. We have shifted all our training and other services online during this time. Find our more how to get started with training and other services or get in touch any time. 


Mindset: family-led & centered

Every family brings strengths, and every family knows best what it needs. Our method uses techniques from goal-setting, motivational interviewing, and strength-based case-management to help coaches work with parents to address the needs of the whole family, when and how they need support.

Approach: trauma-informed & fluid

Using a flexible approach that helps coaches establish trust and rapport through a parent’s progressive stages of change, FCC recognizes that families need different things at different times. Instead of focusing solely on setting goals, it allows coaches to address unique situations and life crises as they come up.

Training: experiential training to internalize new skills

Over three days, senior coaching trainers bring current and emerging foundational research to life through interactive role-playing, discussions, and live feedback. Through this transformative experience, coaches internalize Family-Centered Coaching strategies and are able to bring new skills into practice easily.

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“It was one of the best trainings I have been to. It was so engaging the time flew by!”

-The former Economic Opportunity Director of one of our partner organizations

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Download the Family-Centered Coaching Toolkit

These open source tools and resources help coaches work holistically with parents to accomplish their holistic family goals. The main focus of the toolkit is on goal-setting in service of milestone achievement, because this approach is the most promising in putting families in the driver’s seat. We also address case management and readiness, and offer guidance on how parents and coaches can work together to decide what approach is best at which time.



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We know that together, committed individuals with passion and purpose can advance more effective practices for families. Together we can transform the ways in which our programs and systems respond and meet the needs of whole families.

Paula Sammons, W.K. Kellogg FoundationProgram Officer