Talking about money can be uncomfortable and intimidating. Money Powerup Packs create a supportive and non-judgmental environment for parents to share strategies about how their families save, spend, and talk with their children about money. Parents grow their belief that they are skillful savers who have valuable information to share and put into action.

Engaging for Parents

Parents learn and connect with peers, facilitators, and financial professionals through engaging activities & conversations, not lectures.

Turn-Key for Staff

Staff save time by using the fully planned and easy-to-facilitate activities. Every pack contains all the
materials you need to advertise, facilitate, and evaluate your event without prior training.

Results for Kids

Inspired by what works for families, each pack includes easy and fun activities to start relevant
and meaningful conversations about money with children and families.

What’s Included? 8 Unique Packs. No Training Needed.

Every pack contains all the materials you need to advertise, facilitate, and evaluate an event, including welcome videos, flyers, facilitator guides, custom group activities, take-home activities to play with the whole family, and event surveys.

Now Shipping! Heart & Brain is the first release of Money Powerup Packs: Use this kit to facilitate conversations about when we are making decisions with our heart and when we are deciding with our brain.

Research & Design

Money Powerup Packs were designed, tested, and refined to optimize for the people who use them: staff and families. Money Powerup Packs are the results of the Savings Initiative Project, a three-year IRB-approved research and design project with eleven (11) community-based agencies who provide TANF and early learning programs. Over 300 parents inspired and validated what works for them throughout the project.

Their direct feedback dictated a solution that fosters intentional spending, positive relationships with financial institutions, goal setting & practice, social capital & connections, and non-traditional savings tactics while reducing decision fatigue and social & cultural pressures to spend.

Read more through our evaluation report “Evaluating Money Powerup Packs in 7 TANF Sites in Washington States” (July 2019) and in the Journal of Participatory Research Methods article, “Low-Income Families Guide Innovation: Application of Human-Centered Design” (July 2020).