Designed in our Innovation Lab, Money Mindset Cards are a set of 30 activity cards that support people as they develop their own path to financial wellness. An easy addition to your existing programs, these cards help staff facilitate deep conversations about money, financial values, and personal motivations in order to help people make the financial decisions that are right for them. They are equally good for groups or 1:1 coaching, and take no prior training to use.

Our research has shown that people who build awareness of their attitudes and beliefs about money find financial knowledge and financial literacy training more relevant to their lives, and are better prepared for critical financial decisions in the future.

Get started now with these select Money Mindset Cards you can share and facilitate by phone, video, or online forum


Money Mindset Cards include three focuses:

  • Inspiration Cards focus on helping people understand how their values build into their long- and short-term financial life.
  • Identity Cards focus on how life experience has shaped peoples’ attitudes towards money, as well as how society, advertisements, and friends continue to influence their relationship with money.
  • Intention Cards focus on how people can take what they have learned and create a more intentional financial future.

Read the white paper here.

No financial literacy or training needed

Money Mindset Cards are designed to be equally valuable whether facilitated by a coach or other staff person, volunteer, or a participant with no prior financial training. They are equally useful when used one-on-one, or in a group setting.

Participant-driven exploration

Our cards help people explore their personal motivations and beliefs about money—far beyond the scope of traditional financial education—so they can be ready to make financial decisions when the time comes.

Completely flexible and reusable

Designed to spark engaged discussions in groups or with individuals, Money Mindset Cards are flexible and can be used in order, broken into individual categories, or used repeatedly by the same group with varied and deep results.

Testimonials & Stories

from BrainTrust
  • Money Feels Card: It allows people to express their feelings a bit more anonymously and the statements are very non-judgmental which will make it easier for clients to be honest about their attitudes and behaviors.

    Anastasia Polda
  • It’s hard to say just one because I see opportunities to leverage different cards in different scenarios. I think the Why in the Sky card is most universally applicable and provides a basis for other conversation, but I also like the money mindset awareness, new/thrift/gift, and many others.

    Rob Duve
  • I like the “Find your way in the Sky” card because it uses strength based options to guide someone to grow and reach for their true purpose by identifying how currents habits may or may not support their goals.

    Ria Patiño
  • Need to Know or Out of Sight: I spend a lot of time talking to clients/students about how what works for one person won’t work for another. Many want someone to tell them what to do to handle their finances better, yet have tried following others’ advice and budgets without success. They never consider that the best budget/program/system is one that makes sense to them, is individualized and works WITH them.

  • I think these cards are very versatile and would have application for a number of different organizations. I’d provide them to anyone looking to spark conversation to promote a money mindset.

    Rob Duve
  • It’s designed to be super simple for most anyone to get started. When we got the cards and started looking through them, we found there were concepts from some of them that could be immediately integrated into our financial literacy offerings.

    Rob Duve
  • At the end I asked people to share what there Sun was and I think it was at this point where some were tearing up because they knew exactly what they were doing all this training for.

  • I participated in the activity as well as the students. I liked how regardless of your knowledge or experience the cards are still impactful and educational.

  • It was very easy. People understood the content and had fun with their picture. Everyone participated not everyone shared but that was okay.

  • I like how these cards have you reflect on you life, they make you self aware.

  • I really liked how the cards encouraged and promoted conversation and the ability for those involved to see both differences as well as similarities.

  • They are user-friendly, engaging, and for many of the cards we can use in our program even before students begin to earn the income.

  • Because there are many of them, people can pick and choose which to participate in. Since they have activities and coaching questions, they can be used a range of ways

  • It is a way to open up conversations about money with families in a way that doesn’t make you the expert, but instead facilitates a positive conversation and learning together.