Executive Coaching for Nonprofit Leaders: For a Limited Time Only!

How can you better cope with stress and burnout?
What challenges in the workplace are keeping you up at night?

Our exclusive Executive Coaching service, specifically tailored for leaders at human service agencies, can help you address these challenges, or simply provide you with an objective sounding board. Led by two distinguished leaders at The Prosperity Agenda.

For a limited time only our very own Executive Director Jomaris DeJesús will be offering 1:1 coaching sessions: Jomaris is a Certified Holistic Life Coach and Certified Entrepreneur Coach, with extensive experience in nonprofit leadership and a profound commitment to community empowerment, Jomaris brings a wealth of knowledge and innovation to her coaching sessions. Her background includes pivotal roles in developing strategies that enhance organizational effectiveness and foster community well-being.

Price per session 1:1: $200
Price for 3 sessions 1:1: $475

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Coaching Experience Senior Manager, Barbara Cotto: Renowned for her deep expertise in coaching and leadership development, Barbara specializes in nurturing leaders through transformative coaching techniques that inspire and mobilize nonprofit executives towards achieving their highest potential.

Price per session 1:1: $177
Price for 3 sessions 1:1: $450
Group coaching price: Available upon request

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Our coaching service is designed to directly address the unique challenges you face in the nonprofit sector. Through one-on-one sessions, you'll receive personalized guidance, actionable insights, and support tailored to your specific needs.

Challenges you can address in 1-on-1 Sessions:

  • Overcoming Burnout and Managing Work-Life Balance
  • Driving Change and Handling Resistance
  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Strategizing for an inclusive Workplace Culture
  • Navigating Difficult Decisions 

Step into your full potential today! Schedule your first one-on-one executive coaching session with Jomaris De Jesus or Barbara Cotto and start transforming your leadership challenges into growth opportunities. 


"I used Jomaris' coaching services to help me make a massive career transition. Not only did she help me create a plan to make a seamless transition that preserved important relationships, she inspired and encouraged me to see value in myself that I was not fully realizing. I would recommend her to anyone looking to better position themselves professionally."
- Rachel Dickey, Chief Executive Officer, TripShock

“Jomaris is incredible. I knew there was something wrong with my approach… but didn't quite know what to do. Jomaris gave me the tools and the insight to maximize my strengths and pinpoint my weaknesses…It almost felt like she was in my head…”
- Sonia Tyler, Community Engagement Manager, DeKalb County Government

“Honest, reliable, down to earth, effective communicator and collaborator. She always adds value to the scenario.”
-Dr. Carlos Colón Riollano, CEO, Riollano & Associates


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